Custom Media types

Create a new JSON schema media (MIME) type

A media type can be defined in two ways:

  • as a callable, with the following signature:
    function (string $content, string $media_type): bool
  • as class implementing Opis\JsonSchema\ContentMediaType interface. The validate method has the following signature:
    public function validate(string $content, string $media_type): bool

Using media types

You should register your media types before you validate any schema. If you want, you can also create a default media type handler so you can use a generic lib to validate media types.


use Opis\JsonSchema\Validator;
use Opis\JsonSchema\Resolvers\ContentMediaTypeResolver;

$validator = new Validator();

/** @var ContentMediaTypeResolver $mediaTypes */
$mediaTypes = $validator->parser()->getMediaTypeResolver();

// Register a media type
$mediaTypes->registerCallable('application/example', function (string $content): bool {
    //return true if $content is an application/example
    return false;

// Register the default handler

$mediaTypes->setDefaultHandler(function (string $content, string $media_type): bool {
    // return true if $content is an $media_type
    return false;

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