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Our libraries


Serialize closures

Opis Closure is a library that aims to overcome PHP's limitations regarding closure serialization by providing a wrapper that will make all closures serializable.

Json Schema

Validate JSON documents

Opis Json Schema is a library, fully compliant with the latest JSON Schema specification, that can be used to easily validate JSON documents, no matter how complex their structure is.


Simple, productive and easy to learn

A powerful new ORM library that will bring about a truly simplified idea in terms of grasping and using: no annotations, no XML configurations; just plain, comprehensible PHP code.


Database abstraction layer

Opis Database is a library that implements an abstraction layer over the PDO extension by providing an expressive query builder along with an easy to use schema builder.


Multibyte strings as objects

This library provides a class that allows you to work with multibyte strings in an object-oriented manner, just like you would in a programming language such as Java or C#.


Innovative rendering system

Opis View is a state-of-the-art rendering system that can be integrated with multiple template engines and is capable of using those template engines simultaneously.


HTTP abstraction layer

Opis HTTP is a library that provides an object-oriented representation for HTTP requests and responses. The library was designed to be small, efficient, and easy to work with.


Dependency injection container

The library provides a fully serializable dependency injection container that will save you from being tightly coupled to a specific implementation of a dependency.

We are also busy working at


Opis Events is a library that can be used to dispatch and intercept events. Moreover, it provides advanced features such as filters and regex constraints.

Data Store

Opis Data Store is a library which comes in handy to manage collections of data, with the help of an unified API used for accessing data values, no matter where they are stored.


Opis Cache is a library that enables you to work with cached content, either by using one of the provided cache drivers, or by creating your own driver.


Opis Pattern is a small library that helps you convert patterns into valid and optimized regex expressions.


Opis Routing is a framework for building various components that need routing capabilities. As a routing framework, it may handle all sorts of paths that are following a pattern, not being limited to HTTP request.


Opis Session is a session manager library with support for multiple backend storages. It provides developers with an API which allows them to handle session related information in a standardised way.

HTTP Routing

An awesome routing library that is loaded with myriad great features. It can be used to route all types of HTTP requests and dispatch them to specific listeners.


Opis Validation is a small and handy library that can be used to validate user input in a very intuitive way.


Opis Intl is an internationalization library with support for translations and localized formats for dates and numbers.