This library is abandoned. Please consider using a different library.

For the next examples, we will use the memory driver, which is initialized as below

use Opis\DataStore\Drivers\Memory;

$dataStore = new Memory([
    "admin" => [
        "username" => "admin",
        "extra" => [
            "fullname" => "John Doe"

Reading a value

You can read values by using the read method.

echo $dataStore->read("admin.username"); // admin
echo $dataStore->read("admin.language", "en"); // en

Checking if a value is present

You can check for data presence by using has method.

if ($dataStore->has("admin.extra.fullname")) {
    // ...

Adding or changing values

You can write new values, or overwrite existing ones, by using the write method.

$dataStore->write("admin.language", "en-US");
echo $dataStore->read("admin.language"); // en-US

$dataStore->write("admin.extra", [
    "fullname" => "Anonymous"

echo $dataStore->read("admin.extra.fullname"); // Anonymous

Removing values

You can remove values by using the delete method.


if ($dataStore->has("admin.extra")) {
    // This should never execute, because we just deleted the value