Delete records

Learn how to delete existing records

This version of the library is no longer maintained. Please consider upgrading to the latest release

Deleting records is done by using the from and delete methods.

// Delete all users

$result = $db->from('users')

Deleting a specific set of records is done by adding filters.

// Delete all users which don't have a description

$result = $db->from('users')
DELETE FROM `users` WHERE `description` IS NULL

You can also delete from multiple tables simultaneously by performing a join and passing to the delete method a list of tables as an array argument.

// Delete a specific user and all its orders

$result = $db->from('users')
             ->join('orders', function($join){
                $join->on('', 'orders.user_id');
             ->delete(array('users', 'orders'));
DELETE `users`, `orders` FROM `users`
    INNER JOIN `orders` ON `users`.`id` = `orders`.`user_id`
WHERE `users`.`id` = 2014